Current Projects Update

Though the posts here have been, to put it kindly, a bit sporadic, I have been thinking about posting for a while — if that counts for anything.   Here’s what I am currently doing:

Band Projects: I am working in a couple of duos right now, one with Keith Van Winkle called Stolen Apples (which, when Carl Cook joins us, might be called Scraper’s Union), and the other with Turlach Boylan called The Tae Company.  Both duos are working on recordings, and I will post when either have CDs or DLs available.

Session Projects: After working with Will Leathem over the past two years, I am happy to report that the session at Prospero’s Books (on 39th St.) is going on its third year as of this month.  It is a great session, meeting around 7pm on the second Saturday of each month, and anchored by myself, Alex Henry, and Turlach Boylan — with significant help from Keith Van Winkle, and Dave Agee.  Additionally, the Browne’s session, held on the third Friday of the month, is also going well.  That session begins around 6pm, and Browne’s is at 33rd and Pennsylvania.


New Projects

Well, it’s obviously been quite a while since I’ve worked on this site!

I want to begin with the unfortunate news that my band Scarlet Town has been disbanded as of January 2016, and it probably will remain so for the foreseeable future.  If I don’t get that project restarted in the next few years, then it’s probably not going to happen, which would be truly sad.

Since Scarlet Town is in a down phase right now, I have decided to get into some new projects, and this site is one of them.

Another project is an acoustic band, playing a range of genres as well as original material. I call it an Americana band, but there are some people who don’t seem to like that label. I’m not sure why that is, since it seems to me to pretty descriptive — basically it covers stuff from what used to be called “Folk” to stuff in the Blues/Jazz category.  We do some country sounding songs as well.  Since it’s a trio and we play five instruments (at least currently) it’s the arrangements that hold it together. The band is called Roanoke Road, with Bill Banks and Leslie Tabb.  It’s been great fun working with them! We are trying out some new arrangements and doing some recording.  Some of it is on facebook under Roanoke Road, and some of it will be posted here pretty soon.

The third is a duo with Turlach Boylan.  He has a few of albums out:  The Tidy Cottage, Shame the Devil, and Lift.    While we focus on Irish music — tunes and songs — but we are also pushing that boundary.  Turlach won All-Ireland flute in 1986, and has lived stateside since 1989.  It’s always a pleasure playing and arranging music with him.  He’s an inspiration to me in many ways. So look forward to some of our music here as well!

Cheers and Thanks!


Currently I’m working on putting up more tunes on my website.  It’s devoted to helping people learn ITM (Irish Trad Music), and seems to be doing pretty well so far.  I think that project will be more or less completed in six or seven months.

I am also working with The Scarlet Town Band to get some more video for our website and FB page.  The new lineup of the band is Dave Agee, Leslie Jabara, Kelly Bohling, and me.  We are looking forward to playing at the KC Irish Fest this year and are gearing up for it.


Eddie Edwards

I have a couple of projects that I’m working on getting going, so they’ll show up here soon.


All Strings Attached!

This site offers information on my music.  Here’s the linking page: